US Corporate Solutions (USCS) provides corporate consultations to our affiliate’s clients in order to ensure that they are receiving the best guidance on entity structuring. This consultation is free to our affiliates’ customers. Our role as an affiliate partner is to ensure that the affiliates client receives the best guidance on how to structure their new business and then provide asset protection strategies specific to the individual client needs.

The consultation with the client will cover topics such as, but not limited to, LLCs, Corporations, tax and accounting, trademarks, estate planning, self-directed retirement plans and more. This consult, while providing the end user great value, also arms them with crucial information they need to operate a business safely and securely. This intern heightens the value to our affiliates and their offer.

Our consults will complement the affiliate partner program(s)as well as provide great reassurance to their clients. A sample consultation call will be provided upon request. These consultations can be customized to the affiliate’s requirements. EG. “Do not discuss funding or “always recommend X product” etc.

Compensation: Each affiliate will be compensated on the sale of USCS services to their clients and will be paid on net terms after reconciliation.

Fulfillment:  Our number one priority is the client experience. We do everything in our power to ensure that the client is completely satisfied from the initial consultation and throughout the fulfillment process. We achieve this through RESPECT, TRUST, INTEGRITY and HARDWORK- essentials to good business decisions and lasting relationships.

USCS will provide transparency on fulfillment as to protect both USCS and the affiliate; this may include technology on shared platforms for the end user to streamline activity between the affiliate and USCS.

About USCS: Our team of experts shares over 50 years of business experience. US corporate Solutions, LLC is a boutique structuring and incorporation firm based out of Las Vegas that provides a wide range of services to help your clients reach success. We work closely with our clients to help them start, grow and profit from their businesses while assisting them in fulfilling their dreams and protecting their investments.

Scope of Work:

Entity structure - Form a LLC or Corporation. This includes all filings required. Articles, Bylaws, List of Officers, Directors and Managers and E.I.N.  Tax forms (if/when applicable), Business License, Certificate of good standing, Corporate Record Book, Stock Certificates and ledgers. USCS is also the Registered Agent for each Entity. In addition, USCS walks each client through all documents, page by page to ensure congruence between the owner and their Entity.

Tax and Accounting- USCS offers various tax/bookkeeping programs based on the need of the client. This includes, but is not limited to, preparing annual or quarterly tax filings/forms, preparing personal tax fillings/forms and tax strategy and consulting. We can also act as IRS Liaison for clients using tax services.

Estate Planning-Form a Revocable Living Trust. This includes all Powers of Attorney, Will, medical directives, guardianship directives, financial directives, asset declarations, quit claim forms to move personal property and assignment of Entity ownership (if applicable). This ensures the client has essential legacy planning in place to help their families avoid costly probate situations in the event of death or in-capacities to operate. The Revocable Living Trust also provides privacy.

Retirement accounts– Set up Self Directed 401k accounts (SOLOK) for clients wanting to defer tax liability on proceeds from their business. We use a third party “passive” custodian to maintain Erisa compliance. We are the service provider and consult the client on how to use the SOLOK WITHOUT giving ANY investment advice. ROLLOVER – Allows a client to roll funds from a previous retirement account into the SOLOK to give them more flexibility on their investment choices. All required filings and forms are provided to the client for tax purposes.

Funding – USCS has a funding partner available for startup and growth capital. Ask about details.

We are adding more services to meet affiliate and client needs. Please let us know if there are specific corporate / legal structuring needs to compliment your offer and or programs.

We look forward to working with you.

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US Corporate Solutions Affiliate Program / Scope of Work